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Westerland or Royal Sunset better for zone 7B?

11 years ago

Hi all,
I'd like to add a climbing rose to the front of my brick house near the front stoop. I'm partial to apricot/peach/corals, but I would consider white or pink. My front door is painted a bright coral with orange undertones.
The two I have in mind are WESTERLAND and ROYAL SUNSET- and I'm leaning towards Royal Sunset. It would be on an East facing wall surrounded by gardenias and azaleas. This spot would get some shade, but at least half a day of sun.
Can anyone in my area tell me if one of these might work better than the other? It's important to me for this rose to be a fast grower, good rebloom throughout the summer and have a strong fragrance. Any recommendation is welcome. Thanks so much!

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