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Front yard help/priorities zone 7b

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello- looking for some advice on what to do with out front yard.

We live in zone 7b (georgia) and our Front yard has full morning/day sun exposure. The current landscaping was established by the previous owner around 1994-1995 and hasn’t been modified since. We purchased just over a year ago. We currently have tons of Juniper, 9 over grown/over sized holly bushes and 4 huge, unevenly spaced boxwoods. Our current holly and boxwoods look full and green, but the insides of the plants are totally bare, and unhealthy looking. While I do like boxwoods, I royally despise holly and juniper.

This spring we have around $1000-1200 to spend on the front yard. We know this doesn’t come close to a full overhaul, so advice on prioritizing projects is appreciated.

options are:

1: remove all bushes along the front of the house and replace with smaller, healthy ones, preferably something with some color. We will move things a few feet closer to the house, as there is a huge gap between the house and bushes. removing them will cost $700, leaving around $500 to purchase new plants/small bushes (we would choose some small healthy boxwoods and something flowering like encore azaleas or maybe limelight hydrangeas) this leaves the juniper there for probably another year.

*this one is probably my top choice at the moment

2: remove the juniper, which requires stump grinding and possibly some fill dirt. This would cost around $1000. Not sure what we would replace with? grass or a mulch bed for most of it, with some plants that have height to help hide the concrete stair base, which the juniper currently hides. mock ups for this area Would be very appreciated! This option leaves the hedges for another year.

3: hold off another year and save to be able to knock the whole Thing out at once.

4: open to other ideas?

*not sure why the two following images display funny, but if you click them open, you can see full image.

This last photo is to show how many large shrubs there are currently and the spacing issue.

Any and all advice is welcome and appreciated.

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