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Received beautiful order from Chamblees / one love roses

Hi rose friends ! I am so excited to tell you all that I received in the mail today the order I had placed with one love / chamblees . It was quite a nice surprise ( especially after all the drama with garden llc ) to get an email from Cole . A couple months ago I made a thread asking if anyone had gotten their roses from chamblees . If you don’t remember I had gotten a refund bc they waited too long to ship and it was looking like I wouldn’t get what was ordered . A few people that know them or have met them chimed in that they were having a string of bad luck and to be patient.

Cole was so kind to reach out and ask for my order details and offer to ship these gorgeous roses .

Today they came ! They are huge. My jalberts are in 5 gal pots I believe. I had also orders a one gallon st ethelberg and that was beautiful too . It looks like it’ll take off in no time . They were very well packaged .

I just wanted to come one and let you all know that they are doing their best to send beautiful plants and make a comeback . I hope to see others post pics when they get theirs . I believe that Markay has an order being shipped this coming week ☺️.

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