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Do you have/like "coffee" or other odd-colored roses?

I have developed an increasing interest in growing some of the oddly-colored among rose varieties, e.g. gray, russet, brown, lavender, etc., especially the older "classics" among them (I may not be up to doing 'Grey Pearl', though...), held back mainly by lack of availability. Two years ago I got 'Violet Mist' from Burling and absolutely love it -- to me a soft, grayish mauve that is entrancing as a cut flower and what a performer -- in bloom most of the time, shrub looks nice. Also, recently, being on the waitlist at RVR for two others, 'Lavender Pinocchio' and 'Smoky', paid off, and they will hopefully be arriving here soon, correctly named.

Kim Rupert's great essay discussing these roses on HMF ("Coffee Roses") has been an inspiration, as well as a good list of varieties to seek out. But I'm also interested in hearing if other folks here grow some of these kinds of roses and what your experiences with them have been.

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