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A few fun results from minis X OGRS

last month

This first OGR cross resulted from Apricot Twist, a fertile triploid Moore mini X the historic Atmore Lamarque. It's a climber which repeats and has a bit of scent. It may be a bit difficult to tell but this is a cane dotted with buds and flowers.

Apricot Twist X Atmore Lamarque, natural light.

By flash.

And, a few of the Hugonis hybrids flowering in the yard. 12 O'Clock, "Double Hugonis; bottom right, 1-72-1Hugonis flore plena and bottom left, PD17H, Ping Dong Yue Ji X 1-72-1Hugonis. All of them results of crossing Ralph Moore's 1-72-1, sister seedling of Rise'n Shine, with Hugonis then further crossing that result. Now, I'm working in that direction using R. Xanthina and R. Primula. You can do some pretty neat things using minis with OGRs and Species.

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