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A strange spring

last month
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A cool and wet spring has led to some odd timings this year. Some of my roses are not looking their best and some seem happier than ever. Erinnerung an Brod usually blooms with the apple blossoms, but this year is blooming when the tree is bare:

La Belle Sultane is usually late, but this year is early:

Irene Bonnet can sometimes take on a grayish, dusky tinge. It's not at its best this year:

With Fred Howard:

Bon Silene is reaching higher and higher:

I'm attempting the radical pruning method for Félicité-Perpétue as described on HMF. Still buds for now:

Some old hybrid teas are looking good this year. La Jolla:

The Doctor with baby grapes:

Alec's Red:

Lastly, I'm beginning to think Dr. Rouges is just plain ugly:

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