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Do You Grow Roses Exclusively - Or Other Flowers Too?

In my past gardening lives I grew lovely perennials and annuals. Then I discovered the wonder of growing Roses, and I love them so much. I love ALL kinds of them. Every time I get a new rose, it makes me want to buy more and more and more. I want to rip out all my other lovely plants and replace them with roses - and sometimes I have done that. Always with mixed feelings, tho. All flowers are beautiful in their own way.

I am about to start all over again in a new garden - we are moving to a new house this summer. I am dreaming and planning all about my new gardens. Sometimes in my dreams I organize and plan several different kinds of gardens in different places around my new yard (over an acre), and sometimes I just think that I'm going to plant dozens - hundreds! - of roses.

What do you do? Are you exclusively a rose garden kind of gardener, or do you have different areas with different flowering plants?

Do you have pictures of how it works in your yard?

Miss Mary

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