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Identification: found moss rose (pics)

I got the rose in question from a gardening friend who collected it: he had no idea of its identity, and neither do I. It's a low-growing--up to about a meter--suckering plant with erect stems; once-flowering, fragrant, and healthy: a good rose and easy, by which I mean that it grows fine under conditions of total neglect. I wonder if it doesn't have some connection to the Hybrid Damasks, perhaps the habit and fragrance lead me to think so. It is extremely mossy, bristly, and prickly, as the pictures will show.

Bloom, flattish and packed with petals. This is one of the first flowers; later ones I think open a little more and are around 3" wide. Fragrant.

The buds come at the end of the erect stems; note the extreme mossiness-prickliness of all the growth. The moss is fragrant.

Young growth: yellow-green that darkens with age, pointed, dentate leaves that appear to become rounder as they mature.

Any guesses as to what variety it is? It doesn't match with any rose I'm familiar with.

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