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"Chinese" Noodle Soup, anyone?

7 years ago

I came up with this recipe a number of years ago when I
was experimenting at home on how to make homemade pho (which isn't even
Chinese). I honestly don't remember why I started calling it
"Chinese" noodle soup - I put collard greens in it (also not even remotely
Chinese). I've shared the soup with some folks over the years, and always get
compliments on it, so it must not be that bad... I've decided to share the
recipe here in case anyone else wants to give it a try.

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't think I've ever actually
measured out exact amounts of each ingredient - I just do everything "to
taste." So, if I tried to give measured amounts, I might end up calling
for too much of one thing and not enough of another. Given this, I've decided
to use pictures instead, and allow you fine folks to use your own best
judgement on how much of this or that you'd like to put in.

Also, that being said, the recipe is pretty flexible - if
you don't like one ingredient, use something else. Substitute the collard
greens with bok choy or kale; leave out the chili oil if you don't like spicy;
add meat and/or use a meat broth instead of veggie (I make mine vegetarian);
etc. And by all means, tell me about any variations you make - I'd love to try
them myself!

Since there seems to be a limit to the number of photos
one can post per comment, I'll list the ingredients and steps in subsequent

I hope y'all will enjoy!

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