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Does anyone forage? Wild food favorites

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Does anyone forage? I like the idea of foraging more than I actually do it. Partly laziness or lack of knowledge - partly the discovery that there are really good reasons that some foods aren’t sold at Hannafords. They may be edible but ehhhh… I am including garden perennials in my foraging.

I had a stir fry of daylily shoots a few nights ago. Quite delicious, easily available and one of the first greens of the season. I also like dandelion greens for the same reason. Fiddlehead season season is just beginning. I like then but I haven’t foraged them. I would love to find a place to harvest Ramps or wild onions. They are worth the muddy shoes. I also like milkweed shoots and buds later in the season - a childhood favorite.

Inspired by Darch I harvested hosta shoots last year. They were very good. My hostas have gotten pretty big. I did some dividing last year. So I have even more. Not the fancy ones.

Mushrooms are the obvious foraged food. I only harvest them with a few trusted friends. I haven’t dived into really learning about then. I have harvested honey mushrooms, aborted entolomas and oysters. A friend who is an amazing forager has gifted me chicken of the woods, hen of the woods, matsuke, black trumpets - fresh and dried.

I spend a lot of time picking wild blueberries which are delicious, prolific and a PIA to pick. I love adding them to winter breakfasts. Also blackberries. Fewer of the teeny tiny local strawberries.

A few years ago I shelled good quantity of black walnuts. They have a really good flavor but are a lot of work. I mean a lot. I read about black walnut syrup this spring but I didn’t wade through the late snowfall to try it. I would love to set up to make small quantities of syrup - maple, walnut or birch. I am usually enjoy getting outside in early spring. I have picked the local wild hazelnuts and beechnuts but only a few at a time. Never attempted the process of making acorns edible. I read about eating maple samaras but haven’t tried it yet. Sounds very time consuming.

Happy spring to everyone!

Foraging great niece for attention. Bumper crops of pine cones this year.

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