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Troubleshooting My Baking

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I have been baking for 40+ years and am pretty good at a lot of things. For example, basic cakes, pumpkin bread, cookies and biscotti always turn out great. I am having a problem with banana bread and bundt cake and am hoping you can help me figure out why. The top and outside of my banana bread and bundt cakes always turn out much darker than I like. When I lower the heat a bit, the inside tends to be underdone. I do cover the tops with aluminum foil after the first 15-20-30 minutes depending on pan size, but that doesn't help enough.

We have a newer GE wall oven that was here when we bought the house. The temperature always seemed to run a bit hot, so the repair guy replace the temperature regulator. Before that, I attempted to use an oven thermometer to figure out how far the oven is off, but the repair man said the oven thermometer isn't an accurate measure. Anyway, after this repair, the oven doesn't bake any differently. (I'm thinking my oven may be junk?)

I use a Nordicware bundt cake pans and have a variety of good brands and sizes of shiny loaf pans. I use Baker's Joy to grease the pans. I have used a probe-style thermometer to take the temp of the middle of the baked good and remove at 195 or 200 (per reputable sources such as King Arthur). The outside is still too dark when the inside has reached that temperature.

What am I missing? Thanks so much!

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