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A crisp not too sweet gluten free cookie/biscuit

last month

There is a cookie very similar to the link that I occasionally find at Reny’s (A Maine Adventure 🎵). There are only 6 or 8 cookies in a package. My mom loves them.

I chased down this recipe - essentially a lace cookie sandwich with a chocolate middle. They are really good and very similar. I have made them several times as a sandwich and not. Although I modify it somewhat - I grind part of the oats. And I have tried adding pumpkin (no) and sesame seeds (yes).

Because it has only 1 tablespoon of wheat flour I thought I could attempt to make it gluten-free for a friend who has a restricted diet. That said she asked whether I could reduce the amount of sugar or preferably use honey or maple syrup. I will try later today but I think sugar is essential to the structure of the cookie. I think I will reduce by 25% as a start. That said I don’t think it will work for her.

So I am looking for a recipe for a thin crisp cookie that is lightly sweetened. That is gluten free or that I could modify to be so… Butter is fine.

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