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Advice please - final sanding - hardwood floor refinishing

17 years ago

OK- 1st time I did this, and it went almost perfectly! I got the old finish and stain off of beautiful 3/4" oak floor, cleaned everything thoroughly, and successfully stained floor, followed by 2 coats of oil-based polyurethane for floors - all good so far. I then felt the floor and noticed some dirt/grit spots that had dried into the polyurethane, and then read that I should have sanded the 1st coat (too late!). So I lightly hand-sanded the 2nd coat w/ 150 grain paper (days after it had dried), and all is well except for a few areas that have tiny scratches, that make it look "cloudy" or "milky" in those areas. I vacuumed well and wiped down with mineral spirits, but still have some "smoky" areas. My question (finally) is - will the 3rd coat resolve this or seal in the smoky patches forever? Should I sand more w/ finer grit paper? Thanks for your input - I'm almost done and can't wait to finish!

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