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Addition/floor plan help in a duplex

last month

Ok, so here is our 100 years old duplex. We own both sides, but right side is rented out. Since we don’t want to loose a tenant but with growing family are bursting at seams, we’re looking into addition (or taking some space from tenant’s side as long as it doesn’t compromise function). We’ll remove back porch and add on along that wall. Can close off tenant’s kitchen window if needed.

Wish list

- add half bath on both sides (1st floor);

- renovate/relocate the kitchen, it’s super dark with no seating or storage;

- if possible add a bedroom or ideally small master suite;

- overall open up some walls (sadly everything is load baring).

Bonus - mudroom (on a left side or back of the house), pantry, laundry room.

I’ve looked at taking over some tenant space, but don’t think we’ll get away without the addition or taking over entire house. Need a fresh set of eyes, maybe some smart layout ideas I haven’t thought of..

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