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Help me choose which roses should I keep?

11 years ago

I have to move again - back to my parents house due to personal reasons.

I have this dilemma - I can only bring home at least 2 roses. All my roses are very tall and bushy and it would be very expensive and back breaking for me to bring all of them home. I've learned this valuable lesson: when renting a house - don't buy too many things because you just. Right now, I feel sad and guilty for destroying all my roses except 2.

I'm going to keep 'Comtes de Champagne' because it's a free flowering rose and those tiny blooms make me happy when I look at them.

Surprisingly, I find it very hard to get rid of my once blooming roses. It's easy for me to get rid of my Austins because I know I can replace them later in the future.

Which one should I keep?

1. Duchesse de Montebello (lovely, light green leaves, almost thornless, love the scent)

2. Felicite Parmentier (very thorny rose)

3. La Ville de Bruxelles? (Last year, it mildew badly, and the roses dried out very quickly during summer.)

Thanks in advance.

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