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I bought 9 Bernina's at auction, which should I keep?

15 years ago

Happily this weekend I became the owner of 9 new

to me Bernina's. I went to a school auction and was hoping to come

home with 1 for my daughter and if really lucky one for me. But...I

got caught up in the moment and ended up with 9! I was definitely a

woman on a mission :) They were selling very cheap, but they had

several different models. It was all happening so fast, and I

thought I knew what model I wanted. But they were selling them as

choice, and they weren't giving anyone time to choose before they

sold the next, so I just said I'd take whatever was left. And that's

how it happened.

Anyway, 6 of my family memebers want one each. I'm hoping you'll

give me opinions on what I should keep for myself and my daughters.

Here are the model numbers:






I'm so exciting to finally be able to quilt again, plus be able to

gift to my family what they could never get on their own.

Thank you for any suggestions on these models.


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