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K&M Roses Rare Austin Report!

last month
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Hi friends! I took a trip to K&M Roses this past Friday 3/29. I felt an essential need to report back to you regarding all of the hard-to-find Austins they have in stock OWN ROOT and grafted on fort. I hope this helps some of you find special varieties you had hoped to receive this year.

Since the Garden Roses LLC shadow fell on the community, K&M Roses has had an influx of orders. I'm very excited to support this business, and I know that it is run by honest individuals. Mr. Jim, Mrs. Liz, and Mrs. Megan are all in charge of running operations. Between the three of them, they do their best to fill and ship orders according to the date they are received. You may visit their Facebook page, which Megan uses to keep their customers in the loop as far as availability, delays, shipment, etc. All that to say, email them your rose order. And be patient, please. I saw the roses firsthand and can tell you THEY ARE REAL!!

* by the plants I saw in one-gallon pots during my trip Friday

+ by the plants that jumped into my minivan

Please remember they fill orders according to the date received. So just because I saw it, doesn't mean it's still available. But they certainly had THOUSANDS! I hope you are able to receive your dream Austin rose.

K&M only lists the Registration name on their website/FB Page, so I added the Exhibition names to this list to help you scan more quickly!

AUSap – Queen Nefertiti

*+AUSblush – Heritage

*+AUSbloom – The Dark Lady

*+AUSbord – Gertrude Jekyll

*+AUSbuff – English Garden

*+AUScat – Winchester Cathedral

*+AUScer – Chaucer

*+AUScot – Abraham Darby

*AUScrim – L.D. Braithwaite

*AUSdrawn – The Generous Gardener

AUSelle – Belle Story

AUSencart – Benjamin Britten

*AUSgold – Golden Celebration

*+AUShouse – Harlow Carr

*AUShunter – Jubilee Celebration

*+AUSire – The Squire

*+AUSjess – Pretty Jessica

*AUSjo – Jude the Obscure

AUSkeppy – Grace

*AUSland – Scepter’d Isle

*+AUSli – Lilian Austin

*AUSlot – Sophie’s Rose

*AUSmary – Mary Rose

*AUSmas – Graham Thomas

*AUSmit – St. Cecilia

*AUSmol – Molineux

*+AUSmound – Lilian Austin

*AUSmove – Tess of the d’Urbervilles

*AUSmum – Pat Austin

*+AUSnyson – Lady of Shalott

AUSoil – Troilus

*AUSpero – Prospero

*AUSpoly – Charlotte

*AUSquest – Crocus Rose

*+AUSreef – Sharifa Asma

AUSsal – Radio Times

*+AUSsaucer – Evelyn

*+AUStamora – Tamora

*AUSvelvet – The Prince

*AUSwalker – The Pilgrim

*+AUSwinter – Crown Princess Margareta

Just because I didn't see it in person (doesn't have an *), doesn't mean they don't have it. There were thousands of roses, so it's very likely they might have the roses in stock I didn't see.

According to their FB post, they have both own-root and grafted options available.

These are sold as 1 gal. pots.

$23 grafted

$20 own root

(prices are subject to change)

*I did see Jubilee Celebration, someone on the forum was looking for that one?

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