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Washington Dwarf Navel Orange Tree Maturity

12 years ago

Hi all! I'm new to the forum. :)

Wanted to start out with some quick questions about my Washington Navel Orange tree.. FYI, I live in Southern California.

First off, since it says that it matures in Winter, does that mean there will be no other time other than winter where the tree will produce ripe fruit? It's a young tree, but still has about 20 little oranges already growing on it.. Being that it's the middle of June, will it really take a whole 6 months for those little oranges to fully mature??

I'm sort of new to fruit. I've grown tons of peppers before and I was used to almost a continual bounty one after the other over the course of months and months... This tree won't do that?

Thanks in advance! I'm excited to finally be a posting member on the site. :)


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