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Oh no I think I've killed my dwarf navel orange tree!!!

10 years ago

Hello everyone!! I am here because I think all hope is lost for my tree. Admittedly, this is my first attempt at caring for a tree, and I guess I haven't done an awesome job. Anyway, I've had the tree for almost 1 year. When I initially received the tree I kept it indoors since it was winter. When spring/summer arrived, I moved it outdoors to a nice sunny spot where it flourished. It was awesome! Then, winter approached again and this is where my trouble started. I was unaware that I need to wean the tree off of so much sun, and I just brought it inside one day. Prior to bringing the tree inside, I decided that I was going to change the soil because I didn't want to bring any bugs inside. So not only did the tree suffer shock from the decrease in sun, it was also re-potted rather rudely. About 4-6 weeks after I brought it inside (August-September-ish), it began to blossom and drop its leaves simultaneously. Eventually all of the upper branches save one (in the pic) lost their leaves, and the leaves on that one branch began to droop and remained that way. Following the leaf drop, the branches began to turn brown and die, firt at the tips, then progressively downwards. About two weeks ago, I cut (scissors) some of the dead branches from the tree. Pretty much all that's left now is what you see in the pic. The lower brances seem to be pretty ok, though one of the branches lost 2 or 3 leaves about six weeks ago but has been fine since. I plan to move it back outside when it warms up again. My question is do you guys think that there's any hope left for my tree? Should I just let her (its a girl, lol) go and get another? She hopes you like her red dress I put on her for her pic!! =)

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