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Peach variety recommendations, please

I am in central Ohio, zone 6a most of the past 2 decades (past few years have been warmer, but I have had -20F once, and -10-15F multiple times since I've lived here. Plus strong April freezes, when everything is blooming. the past couple of years.

I have one Contender, a poor thing that has had all of the branches broken off on one side due to fat raccoons climbing to get at the fruit. It doesn't seem to produce very strong branches - every year there are one or more snapped. (Am I neglecting to do something to encourage more strength?)

Right now, from various sellers, I am seeing Contender, Belle of Georgia, Reliance, Curlfree, TruGold, and Red Haven at attractive prices for bare roots. I would get a dwarf, or would try to keep a standard pruned short.

My soil is clay, but I have areas that have been well amended with much improved drainage.

What varieties would you suggest, and why?

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