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Engineered hardwood installation dilemma!

last month

Planning to put in engineered hardwood throughout this space. The living room, (space to left of blue wall) is an addition, which is where the dilemma comes in. The floor joists in the original part of the house run perpendicular to the blue wall, east/west, the joist in the addition run north/south, so perpendicular to the original (dining room/kitchen). In addition, there is a significant downward slope away from the dining room, starting approximately at the end of the blue wall. We are being told that due to warranties, etc. the floor will need to be installed north south in dining room/kitchen and east west in living room, grinding the floor down, as needed, to even it out.
Does this sound correct? And what about the aesthetics of the floor running perpendicular in these areas in this very open floor plan?! Thank you for any help!

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