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Engineered Hardwood versus Hardwood

13 years ago

OK - I guess I'm showing my ignorance. I didn't realize there were 2 different creatures here. When ever I go in to stores and ask to see "Hardwood flooring" I'm shown stuff and no one has ever mention the 2 different types available. Well, when we found something we really truly liked on Saturday, the saleslady told us it was "engineered" hardwood. The only word I could find anywhere on the display or on the label right on the sample or anywhere else was "HARDWOOD." I've actually never seen the word "engineered" on any of the samples I've looked at - although at this point I'm sure I've seen both "regular" and "engineered."

Now we come to a little difference of opinion between my builder and his brother (who is actually the more experienced of the 2 and is at our house alot - giving advice.) Our guy prefers regular hardwood, his brother (again, the more experienced one) has no preference. He feels the engineered hardwood is just as good. He feels they both have their pro's and con's.

I tried to search and I came up with some mentions of engineered hardwood, but never anyone's opinion about if it is really inferior to hardwood or not. I absolutely LOVE the engineered floor I found this weekend. And, to make it even better, it is right in our price range. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on the subject? Thanks - SQ

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