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engineered hardwood floor over old hardwood floor

8 years ago

Hi everyone
My house needs a big renovation, and i am planning to change the floors.

I am planning to put new engineered hardwood floor in the hallway, new carpet in the bedroom and living room, and new tile in the kitchen.

current situation: There are solid hardwood floor in the living room, bedroom, and hallway. The hardwood floors are level and plumb to each other in these three areas.

i have attached some pictures here.

Question 1a: After installing the carpets in the living room and bedroom, the carpet itself would be half an inch higher then the hallway(without the new hardwoodfloor on the hallway). Should i place the new hard wood floor over the old hard wood floor on the hallway? or should i take away the old hardwood floor and rise the subfloor a bit higher ,then put the new hardwoodfloor on it.

Question 1b: should i use those interlocking-edge hardwood floor in this project?

Question 2: The other problem i am facing is that i have a water tank heater in the hallway. should i leave the old hardwood floor pieces alone around the heater? and glue new pieces on it around the heater?

Question 3: The other reason why i want to rise the subfloor in the hallway is because i want to put tile in the kitchen. Right now, the kitchen's floor (without cement board and tile) is level and plumb to the hallway. And i believe after installing cementboard and tile in the kitchen, the floor in the kitchen would be atleast 3/4 inch higher than the hallway.

so overall, what i am trying to achieve here is that i would like to keep all the floor at the same height as much as possible.

Thank you for reading this.
Any help would be great.

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