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Installing Hardwood and Engineering Hardwood

5 years ago

I am just trying to get more information for the cost to install Engineering hardwood floor and other. We had 3 contractors that was bidding on our addition for kitchen and bathroom, We informed all of them what we wanted and what need to be including in the bidding- we have given them the same proposal lists that they need to give us the breakdown line by line.

Now one of the contractor gave one of the installation of the engineering Hardwood Floor is telling us that they have given a pretty low estimate. We have a slab floor, so we told them no glue down on the floor- need to be floating that time we have not chosen our engineering hardwood floor. We did our work to check how much the cost of installing - the store and other people charge are based on the Sqft.

The Applachian Natural Red Oak has the tongue and groove, not just click on - so they need to put a little bit glue to join the wood but they are still floating. Once they read the instruction from the company, they are telling us their estimate is too low.

QUESTION to all of the contractor or others:

1: If you place the bids as the whole projects, specially for the installing these engineering hard wood floor, either knowing or not, how do you calculate the cost?

2: In the proposal stage, we informed his employee/project manager that we will need some modification for our kitchen cabinet and our island so that our commercial kitchen can be installed- it is in the contract. They just slammed us with additional cost to install -they are saying it took them time to modify it. This is a big project ( for us) almost $90,000 in labor only-is this very normal practice?

We have been facing so many issues and these are 3 rd time they kept adding and saying some other parts are not included in the contract ( I guess we found out even though the owner agreed on the marked up, when he re vised the contract, for what reason, he decided not to included, he did change the wording on the page that we agreed on without letting us know that causing us the back splash in the kitchen is not included -our proposal are very cleared-long story-we just want to move on and complete this 9 months project) - sometimes we would agreed and paid -almost feeling like bait and switch -but their bidding is not the lowest among others.

I am trying to be fair to every one and we never pay late but still stuck with the contractor game " included or not included". Hoping to get some answers from here.

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