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Chocolate Focaccia - baking experiments

last month

Here is my first imperfect attempt at Chocolate Focaccia. Slightly overcooked on top. I didn’t have the pearled sugar and used Sugar in the Raw instead - not a great idea. Next time a light dusting confectioners sugar or even flaky salt. I was also short in the chocolate - I had a 4 ounce bar of bittersweet on hand. The recipe called for 6 ounces. My focaccia hole pokes are pretty pitiful. The dough is super sticky and I was afraid of complete deflation.

I like it. It's very rich and chocolaty without being at all a cake. I will definitely make it again. I am always intrigued by foods that bridge sweet and savory. Or dinner and dessert. This is rich and chocolatey without being super fudgy. Trying to think of some spices that would meld well with chocolate….

Between this and so so many batches of spinach fatayers I have been baking super rich olive oil rich recipes lately. Snow is melting here - so next up might be a big batch of some lean bread recipe baked in my outdoor wood fired oven.…. Pita and rye loafs maybe.

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