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WWYD wrong windows installed

Ann Crisp
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We had whole house, retrofit windows installed a couple months ago… when we picked the windows we were adamant and very specific that we wanted the windows that had the most glass and we picked the Anlin Panoramic and it is listed on contract…. when they were installed, I really disliked them and thought there was so much vinyl showing because they were retrofit… They did not seem to look like what we picked--- was really disappointed but thought it was just due to the windows being retrofit.. We said something to the installer asking why there was so much frame he didn’t really answer…

Fast-forward a couple months the installer comes back to look at an issue and we asked them to confirm that we had the Panoramic windows installed. They said yes… still hate the windows and it’s been bothering me…. went to a friends house who had Panoramic windows, and I saw how dramatically better they looked with more glass showing… Finally decided I could solve the issue if I called Anlin directly… Found out that the window company ordered Catalina windows, which have an even sight line and way more vinyl frame…. contacted the window installation company and explained the issue.

The window company confirmed that the Catalina windows were ordered but tried to play it off like it’s not a big deal and happens all the time. The salesperson stated it really wouldn’t make much difference between the Panoramic and Cataline as there would only a 1/4 less frame showing on the Panoramic… Said if we want to have them replaced, it would probably mean somebody at their company would lose their job…offered to cut us a discount to keep the Catalina windows…. what would you do? Would you push to have the Panoramic windows you paid for installed or would you take the discount and keep the Catalina windows that you hate?

This is edited for clarity! We plan on staying in this house for at least another 5 years....and the contract clearly states Panoramic...

Catalina windows....

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