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Granite countertop cut and fabricated wrong. Help!

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Granite countertops installed over new Kraftmaid cabinets, new cooktop, and new Kraus Kore workstation sink. All standard sizes within recommended limits, professionally installed. The granite fabricator used the CAD/laser measuring and everything was already in place. When the countertops were installed:

1. Cutout on right side of cooktop is tight against cooktop, but on left side it starts out tight (that is where they placed a seam) but then veers off at an angle, so there's a 1/4" gap between cooktop and granite on that side. Just the right size for food and liquid to go in and never come out. (pics 1 & 3 below)

2. Sink cutout was done wrong so workstation accessories don't fit on ledge.

3. Sink/granite gap was not sealed properly (granite owner/manager told me "no one else has ever complained about that" LOL)

4. Sink and faucet placement were moved so far back towards the window/outside wall that the faucet would not clear the windowsill and we had to pay our contractor to cut 1/2" off the windowsill just to reinstall the faucet (it was all working perfectly with plenty of room before install). The faucet is placed literally right against the backsplash so that you can't comfortably operate the controls and you can't clean behind it.

5. A couple of chips and scratches--no big deal, but like every other issue here they refuse to address it.

This seems like an excessive amount of mistakes. To give some perspective, this is a remodel and our house is 100 years old but all things purchased for the remodel were carefully chosen and sized, professionally installed. When the install was done, the mistakes were obvious but the installers just left. My contractor and I had to be the ones to contact the granite owner about the mistakes. When I got the owner to come to my house, I was gaslighted the whole time, never an apology. Example, "Oh, we run into this problem with sink placement all the time because people want bigger sinks now" and "your cooktop must not be square." They set the sink 4" away from the edge of the counter, but if they had just cut that to 3" and moved the faucet placement 1//2" closer to the sink, this could have been avoided.

So, they've proposed replacing the backsplash in that half of the countertop (counters are divided into two parts, with an oven cabinet between the cooktop area and the sink area) with a thinner backsplash, and to move the counter out 1/4" or so. I'm not crazy about either of these ideas and frankly it's not what I ordered, and it won't solve the sink cutout problem. As for the cooktop, they said something about "reseaming" but won't answer any further questions about how this is going to work.

I've emailed repeatedly for two weeks, asking for clarification of their proposed solutions in writing--I think that's a fair ask. Nothing. No response. I've texted asking for a response. Nothing. BUT! They were able to send me two email invoices and one snail mail invoice requesting that I pay the balance of what I owe (we paid 60% in advance). We worked very hard and waited a long time to be able to do this remodel, which is our "forever kitchen / aging in place" kitchen and this is a huge disappointment. Any advice?

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