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Orange & Almond Flour cake?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I'm thinking this was discussed last Nov-Dec timeframe, and I searched and looked through old posts, but didn't find it. It's the recipe where the oranges are cooked first, peel/pith and all but the seeds, and I recall that everyone agreed that it makes a great cake. I thought it would be a good dessert to travel. :) I searched for the recipe and found several rated 4.5-5.0, and they're all very similar, so I wonder if there's an opinion about one recipe being the original/best? I got some really tasty little mandarin oranges yesterday and am thinking they couldn't possibly be a bad substitute for the oranges. The skins and pith on the mandarins are both very thin, though, in case that would make an inferior cake? Somehow, mandarin oranges just sound really good to me for such a recipe and I was thinking about trying it. Opinions? best recipe? :)

eta: I believe the cake above is always made without any fat. Alternatively, I've thought of trying an olive oil cake (either orange or lemon), so if anyone knows of a great recipe for that, please let me know!

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