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Can we talk about baguettes

last month

I am always trying different bakeries over here in my country of Australia in the hope of finding the true tasting French baguette as made in France. It is the flour, it’s different from French flour, at least the flour they use in baguettes and I live in hope I may one day find a bakery, of which there are many, that imports French flour. ( Of course ‘why would they’ )

I understand that American wheat flour varieties are different again to French and Australian, and I was wondering about others experiences having tried baguettes on their European travels.

We also have Vietnamese bakeries here to add to the diversity. They make very good Vietnamese French bread the skill they have acquired from the many years the French were settled in their country.

It is quite a few years since I’ve been back to France but having spent quite sometime there, the memory of true baguette stays with me. Islay Corbel will know what I mean.

There is a particular chain of bakeries in my city that I had high hopes for, Laurent Bakery which has very good bread and French cakes but alas still not the flavour, texture I remember of a French baguette.

The photo shows DH’s and my basic lunch of an Australian beef sausage in a piece of baguette with green tomato pickle. This particular lunch bread was good, made with a sprinkle of semolina for extra crunch.

I would like to be able to make bread like some of our fellow posters but so far I haven’t been quite able to and with good bakeries just around every corner, sadly I don’t push myself to bake bread all that often.

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