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A washed pot never boils...

3 months ago

I had a three quart pot which was technically clean, but hadn't had soap, yet. I wanted to make soup, so I washed and dried both pieces. There was some leftover charred orange ”Roma” tomatoes and and red onion slices, with the juice therefrom, in a too big container. There was also a roasted small pumkin (not sweet like a sugar pie) which had no purpose. I put them in the pot and attacked them with an immersion blender. ZZZZZZZZZ. Added S&P and a pint of chicken stock. Done. It's all cooked, so I just put it in a container in the fridge. It's yummy. I suppose I ought to boil on general principles when I serve it, but now I have to wash the pot again! And my face--I think it splattered on my nose...

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