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Do you make actual shortcake?

last month

It's just about strawberry time. On Food Network Spring baking contest they had to do "shortcakes" and made biscuits, sponge, or just cake. Made me wonder. I have several actual shortcake recipes. One definition I've seen is that they're biscuits plus egg, and another says with cream, and a third says it's sweeter. For me, the shortcake has to be unbiscuity in texture, more creamy than flaky fluffy and definitely not cake spongy, nor cookie chewy. I think I'll do a shortcake off between my best recipe and a new one which is very different.

Do you make shortcakes? Or just use biscuits? Or cake? So long as it isn't my mother's kosher for Passover GF DF, it's all good. :)

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