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Sometimes, you actually do need to buy something new

15 years ago

I know that we're all having a great time telling each other how much better it feels to be rid of the junk, and I know that there is virtue in living with less, but I also think that carefully planned purchases are OK.

Now that I have learned to recognize clutter, and differentiate it from the stuff I do need, I no longer feel the urge to shop in order to stifle that uncomfortable, frustrated feeling. I used to buy more fabric, instead of using what I already had to make quilts. I was frustrated because I couldn't get any work done in my disorganized, crowded sewing studio.

I had a nice formica table, but it was too small, and too low. I had to play musical chairs when working on a quilt. My back hurt from bending over while standing, and while sitting in front of the machine. I wanted and needed and deserved a bigger, taller work surface.

I finally set aside time & money to outfit my sewing room properly. I measured the room and measured the tables I was considering. I carefully planned my purchase. I ended up buying three tables and a bookcase. And you know what? Having a place to work is worth more to me than a warehouse crammed full of beautiful fabric and sewing supplies.

Despite the peace that befalls one after all the decluttering, once you look at what you have left, sometimes you decide that you actually do need to go out and buy something very specific. Instead of a mad dash to the store with the credit card, you take your time to figure out exactly what you need, and see how close you can come to finding an object that will do that particular job.

At least that is what I noticed. I don't feel the urge to spend, but I still think it is OK to set up my home for efficiency and comfort, even if it means buying something new.

Have any of you had a similar experience with a carefully planned purchase? Or have you completely sworn off bringing home anything new?

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