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How to address flow in a house?

last month

Hi, I am having a hard time getting our house to have function or "flow," as I like to call it. We moved two almost three years ago to the house we are currently in when I was a month postpartum with our second child. I always kept things tidy and organized at our previous house. However, I have never felt at home in this house. I can't figure out where things should go in the house. I have the fourth bedroom upstairs as a playroom/media room, but my kids are still too young to play in there by themselves. As a result, I spend all most of my time in there with them which makes it difficult to cook, clean, ect. Downstairs, I have the "family room" set up as the dining room, the "living room" is the family room, and the "dining room" is set up as a craft/art/school room. Is this the best layout for this space? Here are the floor plans to get a sense of the house. I can add pictures if needed.

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