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Thank-you for the apple peeler!

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I've been doing too much, trying to challenge the bits of me that are crying out to sit down, and after two swipes with a regular, hand held peeler, to peel a couple of apples, I thought lovingly of the apple peeler. The new, cheap plastic apple peeler from China is SO much better than the the old cast iron 20th C. apple peeler! It's light weight and easy to store (for something its size) and bring out. Not "haul"! I think it weighs less than my good regular peeler. It's dead easy to clean because it has a grid bottom that drains it well. Just have to be careful not to get cut on the spikes or blade (which have covers for storage).

There's no resistance to the crank. It uses an automatic motion to bring the blade in and out, to and from the apple. While cutting, the blade is so sharp there's no resistance. Even for two smallish apples, it was worth using it, and including clean-up, it saved time. This is mine--is a different configuration as the one that was originally posted here--horizontal apple rather than vertical--but otherwise the same design. I forget who posted the first one but THANK-YOU!

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