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Fast Food outside the U.S.

As a frequent world traveler, I've had the opportunity over the years to try fast food in other countries. Now, before I go any further, I NEVER eat fast food. However, curiosity has frequently gotten the better of me and I've sampled the wares of various chains.

For example:

There's a McDonald's in Paris on the north side of the Arch de Triomphe that has a world class chocolate shake. It's not the standard mix that's used everywhere else. The manager uses his own blend of chocolate and it's amazing. The funny thing is that there's another McDonald's on the south side of the famous arch and their milk shakes are the standard crap.

KFC in Jamaica is radically different than the Colonel's offerings in the States. The chicken is all free-range, locally sourced and they use a dry rub that has some serious heat for the extra crispy. I've eaten in three different KFCs in Jamaica and they're all the same and much better than the US version.

I was in Ecuador many years ago and had Taco Bell at a mall. They also had dozens of other fast food joints in the same food court, but everyone was lined up for tacos. It took almost 30 minutes to get to the counter, but they were as good as any tacos I've eaten from the trucks by the fields in Florida.

Several years ago, the rage in Amsterdam was French fries. Seeing lines of 50 to 100 people, I just had to taste them for myself. Forget about McD's fries, supposedly the best in the world, the three places I bought them in Amsterdam rocked! Perfectly fried, not greasy at all, and just the right about of seasoning.

One more. British food takes its knocks, until you try Burger King. Wow! Talk about your perfect hamburger. Again, not greasy at all. No gristle and the burger was cooked to perfection. Even the bun tasted better.

I'm curious to know if anyone else samples the junk food when they travel.

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