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Imagine 80 - 90 million people being dumped on the U.S. in a few years

8 years ago

I wanted to add "or about 9 million in Canada" ... but there wasn't room in the subject line.

As we consider the major disruptions in the Middle East in the last seventy years or so, we have viewed them largely from our own vantage point.

I think that it would be well for us to consider looking at the various aspects of the situation from the points of view of a number of the participants.

As one considers the mess that the civil war in Syria has caused in recent years, one of the issues that brought me up rather short in the past few weeks has been that about a million Syrians who've been fleeing have run to Lebanon.

When one considers that the Lebanese have had their own multi-faceted problems to deal with in recent years, including a large number of displaced people in earlier years, and have a population of in the neighbourhood of 4 to 5 million ... that recent 25% increase in residents is causing huge additional disruptions.

The suggestion in the news that I heard was that the pressure on housing ... food prices as well as those of other services ... and employment, to name a few, was causing resentment , in addition to the feeling by the Lebanese of deep empathy with the Syrians.

Imagine how we'd react to such a massive increase in a few short years in the population of our part of the world, even if it was mainly of people similar to ourselves ... and our populations per square mile are much less dense than that of the Lebanese.

I find it almost impossible to get my mind around how we might begin to cope with such a situation/possibility.

ole joyful

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