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Food for the Eclipse

last month

What should I make? For some reason this amuses me. What would you make? Thinking a moon/sun related cookie. Carrot recipes to see in the dark (too abstract perhaps) I am sort of at a loss.

Friends are putting up funny videos about eclipse prep - an combination of prudence and tin foil hat conspiracies. Mainers have a love/hate relationship with tourism.

Maine (and I am sure elsewhere) is getting an onslaught of Eclipse tourists during mud season. Tens of thousands are heading for parts north of me. I am in a very rural area but it gets more so up north. For those of you who haven’t experienced mud season I am not sure I can convey quite how gelatinous a road can be (add in potholes and frost heaves). My road isn’t too awful so here is a stock photo. I see possible issues.

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