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TPB Tech: has anyone bought and installed one in the US?

2 months ago

I'm an experienced chef and am remodeling my kitchen. I've been looking into the growing field of invisible induction cooktops for a while am fascinated by TPB Tech. They make specialized countertops that are configured to work with their technology (this is different from Invisacook, a company that does have US vendors, that makes an induction top that can be attached beneath almost any 12mm porcelain or quartz countertop). TPB are based in Barcelona and don't seem to have US vendors, but they've sold to US clients before, apparently.

I've been in touch with TPB in Barcelona, and they explained how I could get it. We'd design the countertops together, based on how many burners I need, their size, their configurations, etc. They'd then ship the countertops internationally to me. If any issues occur, they will send new electronics (i.e. the induction plate) which is apparently trivial to swap the defective one with.

Does anyone have any experience buying or using TPB Tech in the US? Would love any thoughts and feedback!

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