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Has anyone bought sinks/faucets online??? Please help!

15 years ago

Hi all,

I received a pricing list from our builder of plumbing fixtures ny wife and I recently chose. Unfortunately, the total was way over our allowance. I went to the web and started googling the sinks and fixtures by brand and model#. While most of the items on the list came in pretty close in price on the Kohler and Moen stuff, the 3 stailess steel sinks we had chosen (kitchen, island, bar) and a shower fixture were considerably cheaper on the web at sites like, (thru Amazon), AJ Madison, Faucet Depot, and others. I mean, they were literally hundreds of dollars cheaper than our plumbing supply co. is quoting us on these items. Sooooo, has anyone ordered sinks and fixtures online? If so, were you satisfied with the experience? Have you ever purchased anything from any of the websites I have mentioned?

Thank you in advance.

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