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Help! V*King nightmare is over. Need input on 36”, 6 burner gas range.

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For the last 10 months we’ve been living a horrendous V*king nightmare. Yes, we did it to ourselves when we bought it solely based on my MIL positive 25+ year experience and did no research. We never anticipated it’s arrival w a broken hinge, the kitchen shaking BOOM sound whenever the oven was preheating, the random stopping of heat production like on Thanksgiving, or the fire department’s arrival 10 minutes after the certified V*King repair person left. This infuriating nightmare is ending. We are getting a new range!

Unlike our last range purchase, I’m doing my research this time and hoping you can help. Here are my random thoughts and requirements:

  • A 36”, 6-burner, convection, gas range.
  • Must function.
  • We cook and bake daily.
  • Accurate and stable* oven temps are necessary.
  • I also do quite a bit of high temp roasting…love those roasted veggies!
  • Would love to be able to set a timer for the oven to start preheating.
  • Don’t need or want apps or any of that other fanciness.
  • No gold/brass accents.
  • Daring to dream for a 36” side-by-side oven like Laconche but without its price or 15 month wait.
  • Bonus points if your recommendation also has symmetrical knobs. WTF V*king!
  • Will need a refrigerator too. would like handles similar to range. have panel front Bosch dishwasher.

Oh, a couple of more things. Consumer Reports suggested LG and Samsung but I swore never again after we bought a house filled with both and had nothing but problems. Also, it appears that Wolf has a bit of a wait for delivery.

Having said all of that, for the last 11 months I must have told my husband 100 times I would be happy w a H*me D*pot special. So I vow (to try) not to be a range snob this time.

So…..what are your thoughts? What are your recent experiences with 36” 6 burner gas stoves as of late? what do you love? hate? Thank you!

*I know I really need an dual-fuel so I can get an electric oven. However, we are thousands over budget on a whole house renovation...

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