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What's your ick factor?

2 months ago

Some food issues we know about: Slimy or gritty texture, different foods touching on the plate, in a recent thread we learned that people ick out over the thought of a pet eating off a people dish even if that dish has been washed since.

Do you have icks? Whole categories of ick? Occasional and circumstantial ick?

My new ick is packaged rolled oats. Just ick. Before the virus era, I'd buy abut a cup of organic rolled oats at a time from the bulk bin for use in cooking. They were fine and did their job. If I'm going to make oatmeal or muesli, I'll use steel cut oats, which are firmer and tastier. Often I don't have any on hand, however. No big cereal eaters here, hence the cup of rolled oats from the store.

With the bulk bins gone, I bought a whole bag of organic rolled oats--twice! (One 2lb. Bob's bag, and one 3lb. Anthony's bag, having forgotten I'd bought the 2lb. bag.) Way too many oats! Y'all gave me lots of ideas of what to do with them to use them up. I tried. ICK!! Soft and goochy when made as oatmeal. Mushy and tasting like paper. Crisp as a topping for a crisp but still tasting like paper. I grew up on Quaker, and these would make the old gentleman in the black hat gag! Quaker is fine. I've finally started to use them up as overnight oats with more nuts, seeds and berries in the jar than oats, and wetted with Three Trees oat and seed milk (Filtered Water, Gluten-Free Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flaxseeds. ) which actually does taste good, and makes the oats less icky than water or yoghurt. Flaxseed meal and quinoa mixed in make it taste better with better texture. And it's just tolerable...still icky. I like the grab and eat without having to fix it in the morning, though...

What's your ick?

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