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Floor plan feedback for addition and ADU

4 months ago

Looking for feedback on our floor plan. We are planning to build two attached ADU's on our existing home. One would be a second floor addition, the second would be a primary home conversion plus addition (jr ADU).

This project would take our home from a 799 sq ft single story bungalow to a two-story multi-family dwelling with 1,167 sq ft 2 bed 2 bath home on the first level for myself, husband and 2 year old; and a 672 sq ft 2 bed 1 bath ADU on the second level for rental income. Basically, we are adding a master suite and opening up walls in the existing home to make a great room. The great room details have not been laid out yet in the plans. What you see here is our architect’s first draft. And we are adding a second story ADU to rent out.

Please note, there are several factors that led us to the decision to “share” our property with renters, and for going up instead of doing a detached ADU. We have a small ~5,500 sq ft lot and setbacks create an awkward, triangle shaped building footprint. We wanted to preserve what little yard we have for our family on the back and one side of the lot. The renters will get a small yard in front. Housing in the city we live in is 218% higher than the national average. We don’t have the sprawling space that other locations may afford. We are on a budget and would like to use the rental income to supplement our home maintenance costs and retirement. The trade off is a morning bike ride to surf and an afternoon walk to the redwoods! Not for everyone, but important for our family!

What do you think? We’d love feedback about anything really. Again, the great room plan is still a shell. For now, looking for feedback on bedrooms, baths, etc. Also I would love to get opinions on the two different renderings for the ADU (A and B). The kitchen and living areas are flipped in these. In B, the kitchen is closer to the front of the house where doors will lead to a small patio above our existing garage. Thank you!

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