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Marvin Window Decisions - Ultimate, Elevate, picture, etc.

3 months ago

Working through all the possibilities of window types on this new construction. Would just go all Ultimate but the full package would push around $103k, (Elevate is $65k) trying to determine if possible to adjust some places to bring it down some. Especially considering there are some locations we really wanted to increase the glass. One piece of ultimate that is a fit for us is the narrow 5/8" square sticking SDL, plus Elevate doesn't have those options.

Appreciate any feedback on:

  • Would a picture window type solution for the front two larger units (Double 3060 Casements with 3030 Transom windows - $5,200 per unit ) have a substantial savings. Could i do these in a different line (Elevate, Essentials vs. Ultimate) and not look out of whack? Checked into Storefront type glass with local folks. Those are roughly $65/sf with the aluminum type frame int/ext. But that can't do any grids except in the glass, which wouldn't match the Marvin SDL.
  • Rear elevation - go to no grids on lower level and use Elevate? (the window units right and left of the center going to change to 3 or 4 equal casements )
  • May go to just equal horizontal sticking. (last pic)

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