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Windows - Sierra Pacific Aspen or Marvin Elevate?

4 years ago

Building a new home and could use some advice.

24 windows, mostly casement, white interior and white exterior, standard sizes.

1 block from ocean

Located in Southern California so mild weather.

We’ve narrowed it down to SP Aspen and Marvin Elevate. I’ve read every thread I could regarding Marvin and SP. The members of this community lean towards Marvin, which I can understand when describing its top line. Elevate is not Signature/Ultimate.

I’m really hoping to get some feedback from homeowners who have used either window (even better if you e selected the same brand on more than one home). I want to compare Marvin Elevate and Sierra Pacific Aspen.

Pros SP Aspen

  • Aluminum Clad (the trusted materials of top performing windows)
  • Superior pricing. And it gets better if we purchase the stacking doors from SP, although we are leaning towards Fleetwood.

Pros Marvin Elevate

  • Marvin reputation
  • Factory interior painting included

Builder likes both.

Warranties are the same.

My hesitation with Marvin is fiberglass. It feels as if it’s a second tier material and sold at a premium because of the brand. I guess I’m hinting at overpriced. Sure, I could pay more and purchase the Signature but that’s not in the budget.

While I’m leaning towards SP it is difficult to good feedback in the Aspen line, either positive or negative.

Bottom line is that I want the best value. Perhaps your feedback can help lead me to a better decision. Or, make me over-think it some more. 😂

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