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What splurges in square footage do you love about your home?

last month

Much of the discussion on this site is about coming up with the most efficient use of square footage in your home design. I'm curious what others splurged on in terms of square footage that they thought was totally worth it. Not all square footage costs the same (kitchens and baths tend to be most expensive), and sometimes I think the focus on space efficiency can make the home less enjoyable.
I'll start with a couple:
-Making our 2 car garage 24' wide by 30' deep, with an 18' wide door. This allows plenty of space between, in front of, and behind our cars. We can walk around easily and don't store things on the side walls either. If we had side wall storage, we would have made the garage a bit wider. This is a relatively low cost expansion in the big scheme of things.
- Dedicating 50 sq ft to a walk in shower. No threshold, no door, no glass to clean etc. This admittedly costs more but is one of the things we love most. Not the shower space is only a little over half of the 50 sq ft but to design a walk in without worrying about where the splashes go, it requires more space.

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