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please help us redesign this master suite

Kelly S
2 years ago

Hello -

We are thinking of building this house but would like improve the master suite area and some other aspects of the second floor. The builder gives a lot of flexibility to make changes. Any ideas?

This is what we would like to improve:

1. increase size of master closet

2. increase size of laundry room/add laundry sink

3. improve main/family bathroom - ideally at least make a bigger vanity, would love to get two sinks, or separate vanities, or pocket door separating toilet and shower from sinks

4. must keep water closet in master

5. prefer to keep separate his/hers vanities in master (but could be in a different configuration)

6. must keep tub and shower in master, would like a big two person shower if possible

7. not particularly attached to current master bath layout.

8. very big on the list is laundry next to master closet with a connecting door.

9. would prefer master closet connected through master bath as opposed to disconnected in another part of master bedroom

10. for the bedroom part of master bedroom, we don't need a huge room, 13x13 is fine, bigger is fine too

11. would like to keep the double doors to master but this is a nice to have, not must have

12. we are bumping out the dining room on the main floor by either 4 or 5 feet so there is an option to bump out the current master bedroom part upstairs by up to 5 feet if that is helpful

13.there is an option offered by the builder to cantilever off the laundry room which gives a nice big laundry room with a sink but it's not a great price, might not do this option if we can get a better layout by bumping out the back

I had a thought to maybe move the door to bedroom 2 to the top of the stairs to gain more space where the current main bathroom is. My other thought is to mirror flip everything upstairs (other than the bonus room) which would give more space in the master bath/closet side, especially if we bump out the back but I'm not good enough at design to figure out the right layout to make this work and I have no idea how to make the entry/doors to the master suite to work with this. Thoughts? Thanks so much for the help!

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