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Can I restore my grocery store miniature roses before they die?

5 years ago

Hi everyone!

I need some serious advice from someone patient enough to help. I picked up a pair of red/white striped miniature roses from my local grocery store recently and subconsciously tossed the care instructions. Today I realized they look like they are dying and dried out. To make things even worse, I don't have a lick of gardening experience and most gardening instructions make me want to stick any desire to ever take care of live plants somewhere I will never consider it again.

BUT, I fell in love with the unique color pattern of these roses (Gigi miniature roses), and I am not ready to give up on them. If anyone could tell me if or how I can bring these flowers back to life, I might not give up on flowers and plants altogether.

So about the roses: I purchased them about two weeks ago, leaving them in the plastic container I bought them in. The container has 5 drainage holes at the bottom, and I rest it on a salad plate now (I left it inside of the metallic gift wrap looking stuff it came in for the first 1.5 week) When I watered them, which I've only done a total of 3 times including today, I used purified water from the grocery store. I don't think I've ever watered it so much that there was water sitting at the bottom of the wrap when it was still on. The roses have mainly been on a windowsill behind blinds, where I'm pretty sure the sun should reach. Now my flowers are all dried out, the leaves look lush, and I'm dumbfounded. I've only watered it 3x in 2 weeks, but when I felt the soil today, it was still moist somehow? Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

* I did counter-intuitively water it despite the soil feeling moist today still, and the water on the salad plate underneath my roses did seem to be moving inwards towards the drainage holes..

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