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Leaving my final garden

It's been almost seven years since I left South Florida, but I know many of you were part of the 19-year gardening experiment I ran in Boca Raton. Well, long story short, tomorrow morning we move into a condo. Fourth floor, no maintenance, no garden except for my house plants. Giving up the house and landscape I've been tinkering with in Northern Virginia for a year and a half is such a relief that I'm lost for words to accurately describe my joy.

For everyone who visited my tropical paradise in Boca Raton, swapped plants, and feasted on our barbecue, it's good to know that some of you are still gardening in Florida and keeping the dream alive. I wish you continued success. Gardening becomes part of your life and when you finally slice that little chunk off and accept that you've lost the desire to grow plants and maintain a landscape, I hope you'll be as relieved as I am now.

Wishing you sunny weather, lots of rain, and healthy plants!

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