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Diagnosing problems with firespike in Sarasota

3 months ago

This has been my first gardening season in the South since moving from Colorado so I have a lot to learn about gardening here. I planted 3 red firespike in the front yard which has partial shade. They seemed to settle in nicely and I fertilized once with fish emulsion diluted in water 2 months after planting. At first, I was watering every other day, then every 3 days since it has been dry. Now it is Dec. and over the last 2 - 3 wks the leaves have gotten brown spots and some have a lot of brown. I used the PictureThis app and it says it's a fungus so I trimmed off the leaves with spots and brown edges but I also wonder if it could be a watering or nutrient problem. Any input would be very welcome.

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