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What did you buy this week at the grocery stores/stores

12 years ago

trips this week

-- bi monthly shopping @ Tops & Aldi's:

gallon of 1 % milk

carton of 1/2 & 1/2

1 1/2 dz lrg eggs-- I find it cheaper to buy reg eggs & just use the whites rather than the more expensive eggbeaters thingie

carton of Bromel & Browns yogurt spread

10 containers of lowfat yogurt

# of unsalted butter

carton of lrg curd cottage cheese

multigrain english muffins

bx Red Rose decaf teabags , bx Stash Chai tea, Bx of Asian plum White Tea bags, bx Twinings Camomile Green Tea

5 cans no sodium added stewed tomatoes

2 cans Dilly green beans

2 cans creamed corn

2 cans cannelinni beans, can pinto beans, 2 cans dark red kidney beans.

tube tomato paste

sm jar capers

2 cans low sodium tuna

bag baby spinach, bag of naval oranges,

3/4 # haddock filets , # tail on frozen shrimp

carton of hot cocoa mix

2 sm cans evaporated milk

# Dunkin' Donuts ground coffee

From Union Springs Big M:

5 # chuck roast( to cut up for stew & to grind for hamburg for the freezer)

ordered brisket for next week to corn

6 pack dark ale for corning

Monthly tip to the Mennonite Market:

Bag of New Hope Mills Buckwheat pancake mix

Sm bag Almond meal

Buckwheat honey

mixed whole peppercorns, bay leaves , rubbed sage, mixed pickling spices

# black jelly beans

Whole wheat honey pretzels

sm heads of cauliflower, red cabbage

losse brussel sprouts , 2 sm rutabagas, 6 parsnips, 2 bunches green onions, 2 sweet potatoes, 4 kiwi, whole pinapple

3 #s Granny Smith Apples, 3 #s Cameo apples

3 #s red potatoes

# bacon ends, 1/2 # canadian bacon, 1/4 # chipped beef , 1/2 # sweet balogna, 1/2 # hunk of yogurt cheese with vegetables, 1/2 # hunk extra sharp Hunters cheddar

8 oz fresh ground almond butter

4 oz no MSG, low sodium chicken boullion powder

sm bag pie squares pasta

bag of basil/tomato no yolk noodles

3 #s cracked corn , 6 #s no filler songbird seed, 4 suet seed pb blocks

curing salt ( Doc's making venison jerky for the grandsons this weekend )

Now-- did I actually need all that given the size of my pantry & 2 mostly full freezers ? Did you need what you bought?

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